The Journey

Many people recognise it is essential to undertake 1:1 Journey sessions to clear deeply rooted - and often hidden - blocks to progress in certain aspects of their life such as health, relationships, self-worth, self-sabotage, prosperity etc.

This work fits in very well with The Graceful Workshops and Graceful Coaching.

It is a highly respected, long established, internationally recognised form of 1:1 work. It is most closely associated with people experiencing physical and emotional health challenges.

Stress, depression, anxiety, low self-worth, anger, confusion, self-sabotage, emotional trauma (present or from the past), health problems are the typical areas Journey work supports.

It is also widely used for freeing yourself from negative experiences from your past that are still haunting you.

Working together

When working together, the aim is to always:

  • offer you a "safe space" free of judgement to explore any issue you may wish to address or one that may arise from the work we do together. 
  • offer you compassion, consideration and support throughout our time together. 
  • ensure you fully participate in your own personal growth. clear emotional blocks which may be in the way of your own return to health.
  • find the gift in each and every life experience.
  • find fresh inner resourcefulness to create a new future.
  • find a place of greater peace with yourself and the world.