Brandon Bays

The Journey was created by Brandon Bays in the early 90's.  It is now recognised and widely used around the world. Her book is in over 20 languages. People from every walk of life are benefiting. It can enable anyone to tap into their own true amazing essence (their true self) and clear emotional blocks. Research* suggests that such blocks may trigger a health crisis, a sense of stuckness, loss of confidence, depression, frustration or be unconsciously self-sabotaging progress and more.

In 1992 Brandon was diagnosed with a large tumour. As a person determined to fully utilise her own inner resources she drew upon all her experience and created the powerful self-discovery and self-help process - now simply called 'The Journey'. After six and a half weeks, she was pronounced textbook perfect - no drugs, no surgery, no tumour. She also used it to help herself healthy and empowered through the loss of her home by fire, the ending of her marriage and other life challenges.

Brandon's inspirational story and more examples of how it has helped others in all aspects of life are in her book called: 'The Journey', by Brandon Bays ISBN 0-7225-3839-1. Reading this is the first step to take by anyone interested in this work.

For more information on the amazing Journey process, it's originator Brandon Bays and how it is benefiting people around the world, click on this link

* Other books on how emotions can have an effect on health include:

  • "Molecules of Emotion" by C. Pert, ISBN 0-671-03397-2
  •  "Quantum Healing" by D. Chopra, ISBN 0-553-34869-8.