Potential benefits available to you:

You can use the workshops to:

  • consolidate and build on your 1:1 Journey or other health work .
  • help yourself through a life-crisis more effectively.
  • help answer the question 'There must be more to life than this'.
  • make a fresh start and live a life of deepening true freedom, connection,and joy.
  • develop the confidence and ability to meet the impact of any change in a positive and useful way.
  • clear inner obstacles and 'silent saboteurs'.
  • develop the essential skills needed to build momentum towards true goals and true dreams.
  • deepen in 'self awareness' through the ancient practice of 'self-inquiry.
Complementary therapists are using it for their own continuing professional development. They are finding they can offer a wider range of support to their clients.

Parents are using it to help their children flourish and build stronger relationships.

Business people are using it to get deeper insight into an holistic approach to work and bringing the best out of people.

Whatever the background reason, you will be working, sharing and growing alongside like minded people who are committed to moving forward in life.