The Journey via phone and skype

More and more requests are coming from people who live in other countries, or who find it difficult to travel. Whilst it is best to work face to face, there are now processes by phone or audio skype available to you.

Here is a little more information for you on Skype and phone processes.

The Skype or phone processes are arranged by booking an appointment in the usual way.

They are treated exactly the same as a 1:1 in terms of format and fee structure.

Most people choose the 'Designer Journey' option.

It helps that you already have 1:1 Journey experience but it is not essential.

It is expected that all phone calls are made by you calling me at the agreed time.

A brief email summary of the key insights you realise during the Journey process can be supplied within 48 hours of the completion of the Journey.

There are no refunds for missing or cancelling an appointment.

Having said that, where there are exceptional circumstances, rearrangement to a new time without additional cost may be possible upon request.

You pay in advance either by my sending you a paypal payment request via email or by you sending me a cheque in the post.