Brett Lancaster

Over the years I have had the pleasure of receiving some very positive, touching and heartwarming feedback from clients. I include a small selection below.

1:1 Journey work and Graceful Mentoring

I have worked on a personal level with Brett Lancaster for over 10 years. He has always held a deep space of Grace, Truth and Love in which I could see my own truth, healing and path forwards. For me Brett brings together great insights and knowledge from his training in the fields of psychology and NLP but most of all he brings to the healing space the wisdom that is only learnt by someone who has also walked the path to find Truth. For me this is a qualification of a great teacher and I have been graced to find him to support me in my path. Christine.

The 1:1 Designer Journey:

Over the years I have known you, both as a client and a fellow complimentary health practitioner, it quickly became very clear that you have  a unique ability and deep understanding of exactly what is needed at any one moment during a 1:1 process.

Everything you do is offered with skill, empathy and sensitivity. I have gained so much in increased health, sense of freedom and real trust in myself and in life.


The Journey for career help:

I have known Brett for about 7 years and during that time I have benefitted massively from his friendship, calm, assured wisdom and his caring. In a therapeutic Journey session that I had with Brett, he helped me to release some negative fears and negative energy that had been holding me back and blighting both my personal and professional life. The difference that this session had on me was profound. My new state of being had immediate and lasting impact in my relationships with others, my ability to run a business and lead and most importantly on my own inner peace and sense of fearlessness. I know that every therapy will have differing outcomes for each person but I have no hesitation in recommending Brett and his ability to help people address issues around emotional stresses and strains that
are affecting more and more people facing the challenges of life in modern organisations.
Phil  - CEO

 The 1:1 Journey and Prosperity:

The 1:1 abundance session offered me the ability to go really deeply into myself in order to find peace, unconditional love for myself and ultimately freedom . I felt very safe with both you and the process.

Personally I liked the intimacy of the one to one process. You created a very safe environment in which I could be held in it all. You have a lovely gentle manner which I found to be really helpful.

After the Journey, I feel that I am coming into this truth of who I really am and not being frightened to show it . I have been given a second chance at life to take some risks and trusting I will be ok .The Journey has given me hope for the future that there is a wonderful life after cancer and that I can have what my heart desires.

Kate, Scotland

Hannah Goodbourn

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