Workshop 1. Thrivers guide to change

This is the core foundation workshop.

Our lives are filled with constantly changing experiences. Most happen automatically or pass us by almost without notice. Others can have a major impact on our lives. In this workshop you will learn how to treat any form of change as a gift and a wonderful opportunity for  personal growth.
The workshop helps you:

  • Happily, skilfully and confidently 'learn from experience'.
  • Recognise how to keep yourself motivated and make the changes you would love to make.
  • Learn the techniques top coaches use to encourage change in others.
  • Feel empowered to healthily see yourself or others through the ‘emotional roller coaster’ of change.
  • Welcome any form of change as a gift and a golden opportunity.

Workshop 2. Thrivers guide to Assertiveness

We can all be assertive in certain situations. At other times we find it difficult. This workshop helps you:

  • explore how assertive action is a wonderful and naturally courageous way of living your life.
  • how to healthily meet your own or others' aggressiveness, submissiveness and passivity.
  • identify key assertive rights, beliefs and actions.
  • realise what it means to be genuinely assertive and live as your 'True Self.'

Workshop 3. Freedom through self-awareness

This workshop is a profound event exploring the powerful process of self-enquiry. There is also the opportunity to explore how the egoic self compares to the 'True self'.

Workshop 4. Creating a vision, enjoying the results.

Workshop 5. Keeping true to your path and momentum.

Have you ever noticed that, when you are caught up in the momentum of life, your inner stillness, energy, wisdom and presence seems to be somewhere else?  Discover how you can stay true to your self, your path and your momentum in your daily life.