Important Note:

The Journey process is NOT designed to take you away from whatever healing or health programme you are on - whether orthodox or alternative. Instead, it is meant to enhance and support your own chosen process and growth. In the field of healing there are no guarantees, and there are as many routes to healing and health as there are people. Hopefully, the Journey work and materials will inspire and support you in whatever path you choose. May your chosen path be filled with the joy of self-discovery and deepening freedom.

If you feel that you may have a medical condition, it is advised you see your own qualified medical advisor or other qualified professional and receive a full and proper diagnosis. Whilst I am an experienced Accredited Journey practitioner, I am not qualified to either diagnose, give medical advice, or prescribe any form of alternative treatment for any physical, emotional or mental health condition. If you are under medical or other professional supervision, it is important to consult fully with them and keep them informed when you choose an option like Journey work.