The Journey Process

Each 1:1 Journey session lasts between 2 to 4 hours. Each is tailored to suit your particular needs on the day.

Whether you come along with an emotional or physical challenge, the focus is always on working with the core emotional issues behind the symptoms.

During the session, you are guided in a safe and gentle way to uncover a core issue, and release yourself from it's clutches.

The process also helps you truly let go the past and then tap into the extra inner resources you need to begin living the life you deserve.

The process also provides the opportunity discover the possibility of deep inner peace, joy, freedom - what Brandon refers to in her book as our "Source" or essential essence.

Some people have a single issue they wish to focus on and just do one Journey.

Others recognise that they have more than one issue that is limiting them from living in real freedom. They make a true commitment to let go of all that is holding them back in life. They are willing to do as many Journey sessions as is necessary in support of that personal goal.