'If you ever get the chance to experience one of the Graceful Change workshops, I recommend you take it.' Brandon Bays, Founder of 'The Journey'.

The Graceful Workshops
The Graceful Change workshops are designed to empower people when they need it the most - eg health crisis, redundancy, bereavement, relationship challenges or simply feeling fearful or angry, worried about the future or generally stuck in life without any clear sense of purpose.

When you join any of the Graceful workshops, you will be working with a small group of people in a supportive environment.
Whichever workshop you decide to do first, you will share and experience a profound adventure of self-discovery, learning, growing, letting go and thriving of your true potential.
Many resit the workshops again and again to gain fresh insights and fresh resourcefulness.

All the Graceful workshops and retreats :
  • Help you discover your own fresh insights.
  • Are practical and suited to everyday life as well as major events.
  • Are designed to be participative in nature.
  • Tailored to the needs of the moment.
  • Contain a sprinkling of both challenge and fun.
  • Include a profound opportunity for deepening self-discovery.
  • Help you live more openly as the real you.
  • Offer a 'safe space‘ and nurturing environment.
  • Help you feel inspired and ready to take action.