Graceful Coaching

It can be very useful to have on-going contact with a Graceful coach.

Coaching helps you work on clarify your direction in life, set specific goals, develop new empowering beliefs and create new healthy actions in line with your goals.

You can also consolidate and build on the benefits from the Graceful workshops or 1:1 Journey sessions.

Each time a Graceful coach works with you they will keep one very important question in mind. This question is:

'What needs to happen in order for you to learn, grow and thrive in a way that serves your highest good?'

A Graceful coach is someone who:

  • you feel you can trust and respect.
  • offers you a safe space of complete confidentially where thoughts and feelings can be openly expressed.
  • has the commitment, experience, wisdom, listening and coaching skills you need.
  • encourages you to ask fresh new questions.
  • helps you discover the gift in any experience or situation.
  • encourages you to seek win-win solutions.
  • helps you discover your own answers to potential obstacles in your path.
  • encourages you to come up with new ideas to enrich your life. 
  • coaches you to feel more able and empowered to meet your current challenges.

Booking a Graceful Coaching session

You can book a face to face, phone or skype a 1:1 session. For phone or skype sessions, payment is required before the session.

£60-00 for the first one hour session (or part thereof).

After the initial hour it is £30-00 per half an hour (or part thereof).

Graceful Coaches: Brett Lancaster and Hannah Goodbourn.